Presidentís Message

Gary Gellert

Dear Cousins,

            At the 17th Quinquennial Blaisdell Family Reunion, I was honored to be chosen to serve as the BFNA President. I follow in the footsteps of several Blasdels from southeastern Indiana who have served or are serving the BFNA. Two have been president: Ervin Blasdel (1991) and Jody Blasdel (2005-2010).

Ervin Blasdel was my bachelor uncle who spent his leisure time visiting family members. He was like the family town crier going from relative to relative, sharing information. He took a keen interest in genealogy and knew how everyone was related. Uncle Ervin was passionate about the BFNA and, no matter who he met, he would try to find a connection to our family. At the time, I did not always appreciate the role he played in our family. And now I find myself the president of his beloved BFNA. In many ways I have become my uncle . . . curious about genealogy and family history.

            My wife, Laura, and I live on the family farm in southeastern Indiana. We are located about five miles north of Cambridge, Indiana where my ancestor, Lieutenant Jacob Blasdel, settled on Tannerís Creek early in the 19th Century. I will be retiring in July, 2016 after forty-two years in education as a teacher, high school principal and superintendent. My wife engineers the house and takes care of two of our grandchildren. Laura and I have three sons: Trey is a pre-veterinary student at Purdue University; Cory, employed in retail, is married to Jessica and they have three children, Logan, Levi and Sophia; and Blaine, Captain in the Army Reserve and math teacher, is married to Kathleen and they have two boys, Ostyn and Ryker.

            I appreciate all those who have served the BFNA in the past to make it the Association it has become. We have a wonderful Executive Committee composed of individuals who will provide great service the next five years. It is my pledge that I will do my best to lead the BFNA. Please feel free to contact me at


 Updated ...March 2016..