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The BLAISDELL FAMILY NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (BFNA), organized August 15, 1935, represents the descendants of Ralf Bleasdale – who landed at Pemaquid, Maine, August 14, 1635, on the Angel Gabriel sailing ship – and other Blaisdell families, however spelled, who descend from a later Blaisdell immigrant from England.

The Blaisdell Papers, published regularly since 1935, is the fifth oldest family publica-tion in the U.S. and documents the genealogy, current and past activities of Blaisdell descendants, as well as vital statistics.  Currently published in June and December with 84 pages, they are a benefit of membership in the BFNA.  Basic Membership is $15 (or more) a year, payable in advance.  Gift memberships are $12 each.

Blaisdell Papers, 1935-1985, are now available on CD-ROM or DVD, fully searchable in PDF format.  Cost: $30. for entire set of 11 CDs or 2 DVD disks.  Each of Vol. 1-4, 6-10 is on one CD; Vol. 5 is on 2 CDs.  Each volume = five years or ten issues.  One DVD disk has Vols. 1-7 (1935 – 1970) and second DVD disk has Vols. 8-10 (1971 – 1985).

For either CD or DVD set, make $30. check payable to: Blaisdell Family National Association (or BFNA), and mail to BFNA, P.O. Box 9464, Naperville, IL  60567.  The BFNA Treasurer is John W. Blasdel.

Two other publications (currently out of print) have documented the Blaisdell history:

       (1) 'Genealogical Outline: Early Generations of Blaisdells in America' (1983)

               with the first six generations from Ralph Blaisdell and the early generations of

              eleven other Blaisdell families in America.  

       (2) 'Genealogical Outline: 7th, 8th, and 9th Generations from Ralph Blaisdell.

              (1987).  The genealogical outlines are fully indexed.

Since 1991 the BFNA has computerized our genealogical and historical data to preserve it and make it available for your use.  Over 70,000 Blaisdell descendants are tied together in the lineage-linked popular PAF data base.  Printouts are available for over 27,000 families with more being added every day!  Notes are maintained on nearly 20,000 Blaisdells on the computer with information relating to: Vocation, Military (including Revolutionary War service notes useful for DAR / SAR membership), Education, Residence, organizations, census data, cause of death, source of information, data conflicts, correspondents, etc. and date of last revision.

Printouts are available of existing information.  We ask you to review, verify, and add new information so that we may keep our records current and share it with other family members.   These printouts frequently run 80-100 pages in a standard format known as the New England Genealogy & Historical Society REGISTER format.  It translates boring dates, places, and notes into a book format with an index of all persons in the book.  Standard package includes an "ahnentafel chart" (ancestor table) and pedigree chart.  Other formats are available.

Send your family’s information to the BFNA Genealogist, Philip R. Freimann.  Email: Genealogist@blaisdell.org  or mail to: 1676 E. Paradise Lane, Daytona Beach, FL  32119.  We have documented 38 different spellings of the surname.  Blaisdell, Blasdel, Blasdell, Bleasdale, Bleasdell, Blasdale and Blazo are the most common in North America. 

Much of the Blaisdell history is already available on micro-fiche in the Family History Library centers around the world.  More will be made available, including the lineage linked Blaisdell PAF database.  We are currently discussing a proposal to make much of this information including photographs, news clippings, genealogical and historical data available electronically on the Internet through major genealogical servers.  This would not include any identifiable information on living people.

Annual or every-other-year reunions are held regionally in Northern and Southern California, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma-Kansas, Texas and Washington.  National reunions are held every five years (in years ending in '5' or '0').   We met in Mt. Vernon, IL in 2010; in So. Portland, ME, in 2005; in 2000 – Greensburg and Guilford, Indiana; in 1995 – Portland, ME; and in 1990 – Amarillo, TX.

The BFNA cooperates with other historical and maritime groups interested in recovering and raising the Angel Gabriel.  Periodic updates appear in the Blaisdell Papers.  We are also cooperating with the Maine Historical Society to preserve Blaisdell items.  BFNA is a 501(c)7 non-profit, tax exempt organization approved by the IRS.  Contributions to the BFNA are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. 


The BFNA website: www.blaisdell.org


E-Mail for more information: bfna@blaisdell.org


Or snail mail to:               Donald E. Blasdel, President

                                                Blaisdell Family National Association

                                                 729 Fieldview Dr.

                                                 Smithton, IL  62285-1562                   



Vital Statistics, weddings, anniversaries and obituaries should be sent to BFNA’s Vital Statistics Editor, Margaret Guss, 24 Kingston Dr., Belleville, IL  62223-1223 or email: VitalStats@blaisdel.org


Current family or historical news items (graduations, Down Memory Lane, Among the Blaisdells, feature stories or poems) should be sent to Sally Furber Nelson, Editor of Blaisdell Papers, 70 Habersham Drive, Flagler Beach, FL  32136.  Ph: 386-439-6119.

Email: BlaisdellPapers@blaisdell.org


To become a member of the BFNA and receive the Blaisdell Papers, send a minimum contribution of $15 (or more) by check, payable to Blaisdell Family National Association (or to BFNA) and mail to:



                                                PO Box 9464

                                                Naperville, IL  60567



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